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Professional Furnace Installations & Replacements

With the RITE heating system, you can decrease your monthly energy bill and enjoy greater home comfort. Air-Rite Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides premium, reliable furnace replacement services by combining high-quality equipment with cutting-edge technology and excellent craftsmanship. Air Rite has installed over 200,000 furnaces and air conditioners in the Chicagoland area. And services over 11,528 customers each year.

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How To Get the Rite System

Over the years, Air-Rite has undergone equipment improvements, energy code changes, and government mandates as we strive to provide superior comfort and energy savings. Carrier has led the industry in providing a complete line of sophisticated products to meet every budget. Equipped with reliable equipment, our skilled installers are artisans in their field. From discussing options, helping submit available rebates, and scheduling and ordering equipment, your Comfort Consultant/ Project Manager will be with you every step of the way. They’re your “go-to” for all your comfort needs.

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What do you want your new furnace to do for you?

  • Save money on your gas and electric bills
  • Quieter operation
  • More even heating
  • Improve air quality
  • Communicate with a smart thermostat

Here’s How We Can Help You

  • Consultation: Schedule a visit with our Comfort Consultant/Project Manager.  We’ll discuss what you like best about your system and what improvements you would like to see
  • Solution: Based on your needs and comfort, we’ll present a proposal outlining the solution that’s Rite for you.
  • Installation: Our installers will arrive on time, in uniform, and in a lettered vehicle to set tarps down in your home and get to work. Masks can be worn upon request.
  • Follow Up: Upon completion of the installation, we’ll review your new system installation with you.
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The Rite Choice

We have proven processes in place to ensure every piece of equipment is sized and installed correctly and commissioned for optimum efficiency. Complementing the higher efficient equipment is the recent introduction of “smart thermostats.” Today’s thermostats can communicate with the furnace and provide valuable performance details. They allow remote access and send alerts in the case of equipment breakdowns or water leaks. They’re “smart” because they learn your heating patterns and operate the equipment using less energy. Whether you need us to install a new system or repair an existing gas or electric furnace, you can count on Air-Rite to get the job done right every time. Our HVAC technicians have the expert training, practical knowledge, and years of experience needed to fix any problem. Family-owned and operated since 1959, Air-Rite Heating & Cooling, Inc. is the trusted choice for indoor comfort across the Greater Chicagoland area.

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The Rite Furnace Installation

Most furnaces in the Chicagoland area are natural gas-forced air furnaces. Some homes and condominiums are heated with electric air handlers, water source heat pumps, and propane gas-forced air furnaces. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Air-Rite Heating & Cooling, Inc. team members are factory-trained to handle these types of systems. We select the equipment that best fits your needs and offer various innovative features that are game-changers in home comfort. You can control everything from the temperature setting to fan speed all from your computer or mobile device. It’s that simple. Whether it’s time to clean your existing furnace or replace it with a new system, call the HVAC experts at Air-Rite Heating & Cooling, Inc. at (630) 966-8100. Don’t forget to check out our financing options and available rebates.

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Furnace Installation FAQs

How much does a new furnace cost, including installation?

It depends. A ballpark figure is between $2,500 and $10,000. Pricing is based on the furnace brand, gas efficiency, features, ductwork, venting, and equipment capacity. Several factors must be considered before a furnace price can be provided. Before we can provide you with a solution, we need to determine what you want your new system to do. To get more information about pricing, schedule an appointment with a Comfort Consultant. They can stop by your house to take measurements, gather information, and discuss options with you. Give us a call at (630) 966-8225.

Why is a furnace installation so expensive?

Both equipment and labor costs differ between factory brands. When you have a new furnace installed in your home, you’re investing in a new heating system that will provide comfort for years to come. This all starts with a quality installation. Paying a little more to have a reliable furnace installed by a trusted company will save you money in the long run.

Can I install my own furnace?

Furnace installations should be left to the professionals. The process requires equipment and skills that homeowners just don’t have access to. Professionals ensure successful installations accompanied by the careful evaluation of existing ductwork, venting, and equipment sizing.

How long does it take to install a furnace?

The installation time for a new gas furnace depends on several factors, such as home size and furnace type. Typically, an HVAC technician can complete a furnace installation in one day.

What is the warranty on a new gas furnace?

  • Most factory part warranties range between one and ten years, depending on the type of heater.
  • Carrier offers a five-year part warranty that, if registered within 90 days of installation, will become a ten-year part warranty for the original owner. Register your equipment here.
  • York offers a five-year part warranty that, if registered within 90 days of installation, will become a ten-year part warranty for the original owner. Register your equipment here.

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