Heat Pump Service

Comprehensive Heat Pump Services

Air-Rite Heating & Cooling has the experience and infrastructure to install and maintain a variety of heat pump systems to handle your needs for Chicagoland and its Suburbs. Our services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Replacements


Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your heat pump in prime condition. This will keep your equipment at peak efficiency to save you money on your utility bills and avoid costly repairs from neglect. Our skilled technicians are often able to find problems before they cause the system to shut down.


Is your system unusually noisy during operation? Instead of a steady hum, maybe you hear a squealing noise, or the system is shaking at startup or during operation. Do not delay; call Air-Rite Heating & Cooling today to check your system.


Nothing great lasts forever. You have had regular maintenance and repairs to your heat pump, but now the costs to repair are exceeding the value, and it has become time to replace your system. Perhaps you want to upgrade and change to a more energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home, enhance an area of your home, or heat and cool your garage. Where should you go for an installation?

Air-Rite Heating & Cooling has the qualified technicians to replace or install your new system to improve the comfort in your home. The following are reasons to consider that now may be the right time to install a new heat pump:

  • Heat pump is unusually noisy while in operation
  • System repairs are needed more and more often
  • A repair exceeds 50% of the cost of a new heat pump

What Is A Heat Pump?

Unlike a standard air conditioner that only runs to provide cooling to your home in the hot summer months, a heat pump can also provide heat in the winter without using a conventional gas furnace!

How Do Heat Pumps Operate?

A heat pump works in a similar fashion to a regular air conditioner. Refrigerant is pumped through the system using a compressor; at different points, the gas is compressed to a liquid and then allowed to evaporate, which absorbs heat in the air in the evaporator coil that cools the air. A heat pump is able to do the same as a condenser but is also able to reverse the process to create heat indoors in the winter.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Similar to a standard air conditioner, the heat pump is able to change the flow of the freon it uses to take heat from one area and deliver cooling to the other, even in the midst of winter! These heat pumps work with either an air handler with electric heat backup or a standard gas furnace and an evaporator coil.


Mini Split Ductless Systems

A point-of-use system, the same principle as the air source system. This is used for a single room or multiple rooms, using a heat pump outdoors and various options for indoors, including a high or low wall console to move air from a wall or a cassette to drop air from the ceiling.


Ground Source Heat Pump

Also known as geothermal heat pumps, during winter, these units transfer heat from the ground into the home, and during the summer, the unit transfers heat from the home into the ground. A model of modern technology!

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