Annual Maintenance Benefits

Keep Your HVAC System Running Great

Air-Rite Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides consistently reliable service to every customer. Performing regular maintenance checks on your household heating and cooling equipment will reduce its chances of breaking down prematurely and maximize your system’s efficiency. An HVAC maintenance plan will save you money on monthly energy bills and give you peace of mind. Join our Comfort Club and let us take care of the annual maintenance of your heating and cooling system.

Our Comfort Club Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Professional furnace cleaning and inspection
  • Professional air conditioner cleaning and inspection
  • Lower emergency service rates
  • More efficient equipment, which results in lower energy costs

Furnace Maintenance Visit

  • Replace your air filter with a 1" standard filter
  • Inspect the thermostat connections and operation
  • Replace the batteries
  • Turn the cycle heating “On”
  • Test the igniter operation and clean the flame safety
  • Test the safeties
  • Inspect the main burners and ignition sequence
  • Clean and check the ignition system
  • Remove, clean, and check the main burners
  • Inspect the combustion air
  • Vacuum and inspect the heat exchanger
  • Vacuum and inspect the burner compartment
  • Inspect the blower and inducer motor bearings
  • Inspect the blower wheel
  • Clean the motor
  • Perform carbon monoxide readings on the furnace
  • Flush the condensate trap and drain
  • Inspect all the furnace’s safeties

Air Conditioner Maintenance Visit

  • Replace the air filter with a 1" standard filter
  • Inspect the thermostat connections and operation
  • Turn the cycle cooling “On”
  • Wash the condenser coil
  • Oil the condenser motor, if required
  • Inspect the condenser fan motor and bearings
  • Remove any debris from the condensing unit
  • Measure the refrigerant charge, and add up to 1lb of R410A, if needed
  • Test the voltage and amperage, and compare it with the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Flush the condensate drain
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
  • Turn off the humidifier for summer

Our Heating Services

  • Furnace Service & Repair: We service most furnace brands and types, including Gas-Forced air furnaces, Electric Heaters, Air Handlers, Magic Pak, Napoleon CondoPak, and Skymark.
  • Furnace Installation: As a factory authorized dealer of Carrier equipment, we install their complete line of Gas-Forced air furnaces, electric heaters, air handlers, and rooftop units (RTUS).
  • Ductless Heating: We install and service ductless mini splits, including ductless air conditioners and Ductless Heat Pumps. These options are great alternatives to traditional systems. We offer and install endless options for your comfort.
  • Furnace Maintenance: We improve equipment performance and lengthen its life expectancy by performing annual maintenance steps recommended by product manufacturers.
  • Indoor Air Quality: We offer and provide solutions to improve indoor air quality and “smart” control of the equipment. Our technicians install reliable products made by Carrier, Ecobee, Honeywell, Healthy Climate, Respicaire and Aprilaire.

Our Cooling Services

How Can We Help You?

Our heating and cooling maintenance plans offer a reduced rate for the seasonal cleaning of your equipment and a discount for any repairs your system may need.


Over time, regular use of your air conditioner and furnace will wear down the machines. Performing consistent maintenance can prevent these systems from breaking down, thus maximizing their life cycles.

Whether you need to repair or replace your AC depends on its maintenance and usage. Typically, units last around ten years. Most homeowners will replace an R-22 freon unit when one or more of the components starts to leak refrigerant.

Every HVAC system needs maintenance to ensure that the system continues running efficiently and to prevent future breakdowns.