air-rite heating and cooling maintenance plan

Keep your system running great!

Remember the days of good old-fashioned service? At Air-Rite, we continue to bring that same work ethic to our service contracts. Regular maintenance of your Heating And Cooling equipment will reduce the potential for early breakdowns and maximize the efficiency of your home comfort system, saving you money on your utility bills with heating & cooling maintenance plans!

    Our heating & cooling maintenance plans offer a reduced rate for the seasonal cleaning of your equipment and a discount for any repairs your system may need.

    Using your air conditioner and furnace overtime will wear down the machine. When allowing for maintenance you can prevent it breaking and catch things early, on top of maximizing your shelf life.

    Great question, it all depends on your air conditioner’s maintenance and usage. Typically, units can last around 10 years. Most homeowners will replace a R-22 freon unit when it is leaking at one of the components. The worldwide Montreal Protocol began phasing out the production of R-22 freon units in 2003, with a full ban on imports of R-22 freon on January 1st, 2020.

    Yes, much more than your normal appliances. HVAC needs maintenance to keep your air conditioning running efficiently and properly and to prevent it from breaking.

    Comfort Club Maintenance Package Includes:

    • Professional cleaning and inspection of the furnace.
    • Professional cleaning and inspection of the air conditioner.
    • NEVER pay premium rates for emergency service.
    • More efficient equipment, which leads to lower energy costs.
    Heating Maintenance Includes:
    • Replace air filter with 1″ standard filter
    • Inspect thermostat connections and operation
    • Replace batteries
    • Cycle Heating “On”
    • Test igniter operation and clean flame safety
    • Test safeties
    • Inspect main burners and ignition sequence
    • Clean and check ignition system
    • Remove, clean and check main burners
    • Inspect the combustion air
    • Vacuum and inspect heat exchanger
    • Vacuum and inspect burner compartment
    • Inspect blower and inducer motor bearings
    • Inspect blower wheel
    • Clean motor
    • Flush condensate trap and drain
    • Inspect all furnaces safeties
    • Perform carbon monoxide readings on furnace
    Air Conditioner Maintenance Includes:
    • Replace air filter with 1″ Standard Filter
    • Inspect thermostat connections and operation
    • Cycle Cooling “On”
    • Wash condenser coil
    • Oil condenser motor if required
    • Inspect condenser fan motor and bearings
    • Remove debris from condensing unit
    • Measure refrigerant charge, add up to 1lb of R410A if needed.
    • Test voltage and amerage, compare with manufacturer specifications
    • Flush condensate drain
    • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
    • Turn off humidifier for summer

    For more information on our Comfort Club, please call 630-966-8100 or fill out the form below.

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